Our services

Analysis & advice

Déhora advises and supports companies in situations where workforce planning and management activities are characterized by a certain degree of complexity, fluidity, and unpredictability. Déhora supports these companies at an operational, tactical, and strategic level.

Outsourcing planning

Déhora’s outsourcing service offers you a total solution for the optimization of your workforce planning and management activities. That is why Déhora offers Planning as a Service: a package of planning services to give your companies exactly what it needs.

Interim planners & managers

Déhora's interim planners and managers have built up a wealth of experience working in different companies and with different (planning) systems. An interim planner or manager can be deployed at a moment’s notice, work independently, and can quickly get up to speed.

Planning software

We offer specially designed software packages for a whole range of planning needs. We have off-the-shelf solutions which are quick and easy to implement. And we also have software packages with extensive functionalities for complex environments.