Analysis & advice

Déhora advises and supports organisations in situations where workforce planning and management activities are characterised by a certain level of complexity, fluidity, and unpredictability. Déhora supports these organisations at an operational, tactical, and strategic level.

Déhora Consultancy

Specialist in workforce planning and management

The consultants of Déhora help organisations get a grip on the alignment of workload with the available workforce capacity.

All our advisers are qualified specialists who can help organisations to achieve better results with their workforce planning and management activities.

Our expertise focuses on 3 themes:

  • professionalisation of the workforce planning;
  • flexibilisation of workforce capacity;
  • sustainable working time management.

You will find more information about these 3 themes below.

How we can help you


Professionalisation of workforce planning

Many organisations can derive significant benefits from the professionalisation of their workforce planning and management activities. The consultants of Déhora will be glad to show you how.

They can give you support and advice in numerous areas, including:



Flexibilisation of workforce capacity

Déhora’s consultants can also give you advice, support, and guidance concerning the flexibilisation of your workforce capacity.

This can include, for example:

Flexibilisering van de personele inzet

Sustainable working time management

Furthermore, we are also experts in the field of sustainable working time management.

This expertise includes:

Duurzaam arbeidstijdenmanagement