About Déhora

The Déhora Consultancy Group offers you the expertise of Europe’s biggest full-service consultancy firm specialising in workforce planning and management.

Since 1987, we have been helping organisations in all types of sectors to achieve an optimal alignment between people, resources, and time. Déhora does this by supporting organisations at an operational, tactical, and strategic level. In this way, we help organisations to maximise their business performance and results. As the leading experts in this field, we are also continually working on the development of innovative products and services that meet the future needs of the market.


Practical experience and scientific research

Our expertise is founded on years of practical experience, but it is also backed by scientific research carried out by our own research division. This combination has enabled us to develop new concepts and innovative solutions for workforce planning and management, which are tailor-made to meet our clients needs.

Team Déhora

Full-service advice and support

Déhora can help you with full-service advice and support in the field of workforce planning and management, including:

Active in all sectors, throughout the whole of Europe

Every single one of our consultants, researchers, interim managers, and interim planners are experienced professionals who share a passion for planning. Déhora has branch offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Our specialists work throughout the whole of Europe.

Déhora is active in all sectors, including:

Healthcare l Government I Manufacturing & Production I Commercial services I Transport & Logistics I and more…