About Déhora

The Déhora Consultancy Group was founded in 1987 by occupational and organisational psychologist Ben Jansen. Since then Déhora has been the leading specialist worldwide in the area of workforce planning and management.

At Déhora, we assist organisations in striking the perfect balance between people, resources and time. With strategic, tactical and operational solutions, we help organisations optimise their business processes and results. In this way, we make labour more durable and effective. Déhora’s team consists of 200 professionals. 200 professionals who share a fascination for time-intelligence and a drive to get the most out of everyone’s time. We are headquartered in Amsterdam and have branches in Antwerp, Warsaw and Prague and a number of partnerships worldwide.

Beacuse time matters

Nothing is scarcer than time. All the more reason to exercise time-awareness when organising your activities. Déhora helps organisations accomplish this with sustainable workforce management solutions. The result is a firm handle on time, an agreeable working environment, good business results and satisfied customers. Time-intelligent working makes the difference and it all starts with Déhora.

Practical experience and scientific research

Our expertise is founded on years of practical experience, but it is also backed by scientific research carried out by our own research division. This combination has enabled us to develop new concepts and innovative solutions for workforce planning and management, which are tailor-made to meet our clients needs.

Duo workshop - Capacity planning in healthcare

Full-service advice and support

Déhora can help you with full-service advice and support in the field of workforce planning and management, including:

Active in all sectors, throughout the whole of Europe

Every single one of our consultants, researchers, interim managers, and interim planners are experienced professionals who share a passion for planning. Déhora has branch offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Our specialists work throughout the whole of Europe.

Déhora is active in all sectors, including:

Healthcare l Government I Manufacturing & Production I Commercial services I Transport & Logistics I and more…