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Full-service firm for workforce planning and management

Déhora Consultancy Group offers the expertise of Europe’s largest full-service consultancy firm for workforce planning and management. Since 1987, Déhora is supporting organisations in every sector of the economy by aligning the deployment of people, resources and time. Déhora is doing so on an operational, tactical and strategic level.

Our solutions

The solutions that we, as a multidisciplinary consultancy firm, offer you.

Analysis & Advice

Déhora advises and supports organisations in situations where workforce planning and management activities are characterised by a certain degree of complexity, fluidity, and unpredictability. Déhora supports these organisations at an operational, tactical, and strategic level.

Outsourcing planning

Our outsourcing service offers you a total solution for the optimisation of your workforce planning and management activities. That is why we offer Planning as a Service: a package of planning services to give your organisation exactly what it needs.

Interim planners & planning managers

Our interim planners and planning managers have built up a wealth of experience working in different organisations and with different (planning) systems over many years. An interim planner or planning manager can be deployed at a moments notice, work independently, and will quickly get up to speed.

Planning software

We offer specially-designed software packages for a whole range of planning needs. We have off-the-shelf solutions which are quick and easy to implement. And we also have software packages with extensive functionalities for complex environments.


News, blogs, webinars, whitepapers and more about workforce planning and management

seven qualities of a good planner
Seven qualities of a good planner

The planner plays a variety of roles. He advises and supports management in organising the work to be done. The…

10 tips for healthy eating when working nights
10 tips for healthy eating when working nights

Many Dutch people regularly work nights. A healthy and varied diet it is important for everyone, but even more so for this particular group. Here are 10 tips to get through your night shift hale and hearty!

The advantages of self-rostering in industry
The advantages of self-rostering in the industrial sector

More and more the unions are remommending employers to work on the flexibility and sustainability of employees. Self-rostering can be an excellent solution.

Mobility in the Netherlands: a ‘hot issue’
Mobility in the Netherlands: a ‘hot issue’

Overcrowded trains in the rush hour. Motorway traffic jams went up by 13.1% in 2016 compared to the year before. Thousands of bus drivers will reach retirement age in the next 5 to 10 years. Mobility in the Netherlands is a ‘hot issue’.

Voorkom overtredingen op Arbeidstijdenwet
Avoid violations of the Working Hours Act

A violation of the Working Hours Act is quickly made, Déhora explains this law and how you can aviod violations.

Déhora’s method for ‘shift roster design in 6 easy steps’
Designing new shift rosters

With the wealth of knowledge and experience we have developed our own method for shift roster design in 6 easy steps. We will explain this method and all her advantages.