Outsourcing your planning process

Workforce planning and management is a vital process for many organizations in order to achieve better operating results. The optimization of workforce planning and management can therefore have significant benefits for virtually any organization. However, it takes time, attention from management as well as an investment in suitable tools and qualified people.

We take care of your workforce planning and management

Not every company is able to free up the necessary resources in order to execute its workforce planning and management activities effectively. In some organizations, due to its complexity, workforce planning and management can even be a major headache. Outsourcing your planning process is therefore the ideal solution for any organization in this situation.


Why outsource your planning process?

Depending on your specific requirements, we can take over all of your planning activities or just certain phases or areas of the planning process.


Total outsourcing of your workforce planning

We can take care of the entire operational workforce planning and management process for you.

Our planning professionals will support you by:

  • handling the daily administration of your workforce planning and management activities.
  • the draw up of the (period) shift rosters.
  • the draw up of the capacity planning.
  • other workforce planning and management related activities.

In other words, all your planning needs are taken care of.

Outsourcing of specific phases or areas of planning

The available options of outsourcing specific areas of your planning process include, among other areas:

  • calculation of staffing requirements.
  • the draw up of periodical shift rosters.
  • daily roster management.
  • processing of administrative changes.
  • collection of data for payroll and billing.
  • collection of targeted management information that can be used to improve productivity.

About Déhora’s Planning Service Center

Déhora’s dedicated Planning Service Center (PSC) handles all our outsourcing operations. The PSC has professional planners who carry out the contracted services for our clients, ranging from the total outsourcing of workforce planning, or just specific phases or areas of planning.

For small and medium-sized companies who want to outsource all their workforce planning and management activities, the Planning Service Center can take over the entire process, and thus guarantee the continuity of the planning within these companies, in only a few days.


Some of the benefits of outsourcing your workforce planning and management activities are:

  • Lower costs: By improving the quality of your workforce planning, you can make significant cost savings. We can help you save between 3% – 15% on the primary process of your companies.
  • Higher quality: The PSC will considerably improve the quality of your planning companies. This will then lead to higher employee satisfaction and lower absenteeism due to sickness.
  • More control: By outsourcing the planning process, you will be able to collect targeted management information about the deployment of your employees. This will give you a precise picture of the total cost of your workforce planning. It can also identify cost factors you might have overlooked. For example, the cost of the time your management has to spend on planning, or the cost of planning software and systems.
  • Déhora’s planning professionals: All the planning staff of the Planning Service Center are qualified professionals. And all the Planning Service Center staff have been trained to deliver maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Continuity: The Planning Service Centre can also quickly find a temporary replacement for any planners who suddenly fall ill or go on leave. Our planners are very experienced and can therefore get up to speed very quickly so your workforce planning can continue without interruption.
  • Greater flexibility and scalability: By outsourcing your workforce planning to the PSC, you never have to worry about overcapacity or undercapacity in your planning department, and you can respond more flexibly to any changes inside and outside your companies.
  • Always up to date: Our experts will make sure you are always up to date with the latest methods and tools in the field of workforce planning and management.