Our cookie policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your device when you visit a website and can be read, for example, by the browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Via this text file, certain information, including personal data, can be saved or collected. This (personal) information is then used to be able to recognise you when you visit the website again.

Different types of cookies

We use the following cookies on our website:

Functional cookies: functional cookies are necessary in order to make sure the website functions properly.  These cookies are used to provide certain functionalities that make it possible for you to use our website, such as the option of saving your preferences or showing the cookie bar.

Analytical cookies to measure visits: we use the cookies of Google Analytics (statistics) and other analytical cookies in a privacy-friendly way so we can analyse how visitors use our website. The statistics we collect cannot be used to identify individual persons. These data are therefore always used anonymously. We use Google Analytics to get a greater insight into the data. These statistics provide us with information about how often our website is used, what information visitors are searching for, and what pages are visited the most. This means we know what parts of our website are popular and how we can improve other parts of our website. We continually analyse and improve the website to enhance the user experience.

Cookies for social media integration: we show messages, videos and other content on our website, which you can endorse and share on social media via a button. This makes it easy, for example, to share information via LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. For information about the cookies placed by social media platforms and the data that can be collected with them, please see the cookie policies of the relevant providers on their own websites. Please note that these policies are updated regularly. Déhora Consultancy Group has no control over these policies.

Cookies to show our advertisements on other websites: these cookies are used for our online adverts that we use to promote our services. We try to do this in a targeted way as possible in order to save on costs and to only show you adverts that are relevant to you. We use Google Adwords, Google Dynamic Remarketing, Facebook Custom Audiences, and LinkedIn campaigns for this.

These cookies make it possible to:

  • track which adverts you have looked at. In this way we can make sure you don’t have to see the same adverts too often;
  • to measure how many visitors click on our adverts;
  • to track how many visitors buy a service from us after they have clicked on an advert. This is necessary so we can analyse the effectiveness of our advertising;
  • even if you do not accept our cookies, you might still see our adverts online. This is because only some of our adverts use cookies. However, cookies make it possible to only show you relevant adverts and not any unnecessary adverts.

What domains does Déhora Consultancy Group cookies to be accepted for?

Déhora Consultancy Group will ask you whether or not you want to accept cookies for each website (or domain). This means if you accept cookies once, you do not accept cookies for all the other domain names and/or trade names that are used by the Déhora Consultancy Group.

Acceptance of cookies

When you visit our website, you will be asked to accept the cookies by either clicking on the ‘accept’ button or by actively using the website. You can block or delete cookies using the settings of your internet browser (see below).

Blocking of cookies

If you don’t want certain cookies (or any cookies) to be placed for this website, then you can block these cookies using the settings of your internet browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari). On most Internet browsers, the default setting is for cookies to be blocked. The way you can block cookies depends on the browser you are using and is usually done using the privacy settings. However, if you block cookies, certain parts of the website might not function properly or not at all. It is recommended to only block the type of cookies you don’t want. The way you can choose which cookies to block depends on the browser you are using.

Deleting cookies afterwards

After you have visited our website, you can decide to delete the cookies from your device afterwards. The way you can do this depends on the browser you are using. If necessary, check the help files on your browser.