Time Care: software for self-rostering

Having control over when and where you want to work is becoming a major issue. Self-rostering (link to page) is an excellent way of creating flexible work times, empowerment, and sustainable employability.  Thanks to self-rostering, employees can design their work rosters to match their individual social needs and physical capabilities. However, for self-rostering to be successful, you need to have a specialised software solution. Time Care is the perfect software for self-rostering.

Plan dashboard

Time Care – more than just self-rostering

Time Care Planning is a Swedish software solution that was designed by the inventors of self-rostering. But of course you can use it for a lot more than just self-rostering. You can even use it to create production planning schedules.

This planning software application is extremely practical and user-friendly, and is already being used by a large number of organisations in Belgium. Time Care will give you more control over the deployment of your workforce, even when circumstances change. It gives you details of all the operating parameters (laws and regulations, health and safety standards, staffing levels), and warns you immediately about any violations.

Why choose Time Care?

Time Care Planning is a solution with a proven track record. Thanks to Déhora, self-rostering is being introduced in a growing number of organisations throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

The key points include:

  • User-friendly and intuitive;
  • Rapid implementation;
  • Support from the experts of Déhora;
  • Training by Déhora;
  • Meaningful and easy-to-read reports;
  • Regulatory compliance.

Professional support & implementation

Years of experience

Déhora has helped a growing number of organisations discover the advantages of self-rostering in a whole range of sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, public transport, libraries, emergency services, and call centres.

Best implementation-partner

Déhora has been the implementation partner for Time Care for many years and provides support throughout the entire implementation process. Therefore we can comply to the wishes of each individuel client.

Experienced in changemanagement

A successful implementation of self-rostering is only possible if there is awareness to and attention for changes. By experience the Déhora consultants know better than anyone how to introduce self-rostering.