Finding the right planning software for your organisation

There are all types of ‘state of the art’ software solutions for workforce planning. They all have their own advantages, disadvantages, strengths, and weaknesses. So how do you know which software package is the right solution for your specific situation? As an independent expert, Déhora can help you choose the right application and guide you through the implementation of (new) software for workforce planning.

Software selection

Support in selecting planning software

Our number one aim is to make sure you get the right solution. Are you looking for a tool that will automatically generate shift rosters for you? A solution for integrated workforce planning? Software for self-rostering? Or a tool that will help you to make projections and take policy decisions about your future workforce planning needs?

The right planning software for your personnel planning

Based on your specific needs and requirements, we can help you choose the right software and make sure you get the solution you need.  You might want to opt for a planning application with a proven track record. Or perhaps there is a new “challenger” that you didn’t even know about.

In a selection process, attention is paid to the following aspects:

  • mapping out your current planning and processes;
  • defining your desired situation and (new) functionalities;
  • independent selection of suitable software solutions;
  • demo and evaluation of the proposed solutions.