Plandashboard: objective information for your workforce planning

We are living in an age where changes and innovations are occurring at an increasingly rapid pace. Being able to respond to customer needs or new competitors calls for a workforce that can be deployed flexibly. And you need management information to be able to manage that flexible deployment effectively. That is why Déhora has created the Plandashboard: it generates objective management information that enables managers to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

Plan dashboard

How does the Plandashboard work?

The Plandashboard is connected to the database of the customer. In most cases that is the planning system. Data about planned capacity, deployed capacity, and income and expenditure per hour can then be fed into the Plandashboard. The Plandashboard then generates clear performance indicators that show how good the organisation is performing in the field of workforce planning.

Relevant indicators for the Déhora Plandashboard

In this way, the Plandashboard helps managers to set targets and standards and then make sure the planning will satisfy them. In other words, the Plandashboard helps managers to achieve the effective deployment of people and resources.

Relevant indicators included as standard are:

  • the Planefficiency (balance between workforce and workload, number of changes etc.);
  • the Timeflexibility (flexiworker capacity, overtime worked etc.);
  • the Compliance (compliance with statutory regulations);
  • various aspects associated with the cost of planning and operational activities.