ICRON: advanced software for task planning

Standard software for planning is definitely not the right solution for every organisation. If a wide range of tasks have to be carried out within an organisation, and the performance of these tasks has to meet certain standards and/or there are significant fluctuations in the workload (high degree of ad-hoc business) and/or there are a large number of employees working at different locations, then obviously the planning will be a very complex operation.

Luckily, Déhora can offer customised solutions that meet even the most complicated planning needs. ICRON is the solution for complex Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) processes.

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ICRON: Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) software

ICRON can be configured to suit the specific characteristics of your operational processes and your operational and planning needs. The modular design of this advanced planning software offers a great deal of flexibility and speeds up the implementation. ICRON can be integrated with HR and management operations at a strategic, tactical and operational level. Planning proposals are then automatically generated based on the defined criteria. In addition, it also provides you with clear planning charts and management reports.

The ICRON APS tool enables organisations to get a grip on the planning of processes

The ICRON APS tool will enable your organisation to get a grip on the planning of your processes and the scheduling of the necessary people and resources. This system will enable your organisation to optimise the balance between your workforce capacity and the projected workload. As a result, your organisation will be able to deliver higher quality at a lower cost.

Full-service support for a smooth implementation

Déhora is the implementation partner of ICRON. Our experts know what it takes to successfully implement Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) software.  They will guide you through the entire project, including issues associated with change management and any necessary training. Together with the relevant staff within your company, a step-by-step solution will be developed that is modelled around your business processes.

Advantages planning software ICRON

A lot of flexibility and a relatively quick implementation

The software is modular and fully customized.

Immediate insight into the plan performance

The management reports provide direct insight into the performance of the planning.

Implementation by our experienced experts

For a successful result we are also focussed on change management and training.