Good capacity planning reduces shift rostering chaos

Many companies draw up a new capacity plan with shift rostering for the personnel every year. This plan matches the scheduling of the working time of the employees to the projected workload. So in order to draw up a new capacity plan, you need a whole load of facts and figures from previous years. Generating the right data with the right metrics is a major challenge for many companies, because so many factors have an impact on capacity planning.

Déhora’s capacity analytics tool for workforce planning

Déhora’s capacity analytics tool for workforce management

Déhora has designed its own capacity analytics tool that can be used by companies to generate and collect the necessary data about work activities, workforce capacity, and absenteeism percentages. This data can also be used to draw up accurate budget forecasts. The capacity analytics tool enables you to make sound tactical decisions for your organisation based on reliable information.

What are the benefits of good capacity planning?

The most important advantage of good capacity planning is that it makes the shift roster planning process less chaotic for your personnel. It means they won’t be unpleasantly surprised by overtime and sudden changes in the shift roster, plus it will make your workforce planning, and thus your business operations, much easier to manage. Other benefits include:

  • access to real-time data about the available workforce capacity and absenteeism throughout the year;
  • the ability to adjust the workload flexibly;
  • data about the actual workload in each operational area and on a weekly basis;
  • gross and net figures for the available workforce capacity.

Capacity planning reports make business operations easier to manage

Within seven working days, you will have a clear and concise report that shows how good the alignment is between the available workforce capacity and the operational workload on a weekly basis. We can also give you advice about how to improve this alignment and make it easier to manage your business operations.