strategic workforce planning and management

Strategic workforce planning

Is your organisation properly prepared to face the challenges of the future? And what skills and competences will your organisation need?

Thinking about future human capital needs can sometimes be a daunting task. Strategic workforce planning (SWP) can make it easy for you. SWP is a process that will help you to take effective decisions about your future workforce capacity needs.

Strategic workforce planning – how it works

The development and implementation of SWP calls for a broad approach and change management expertise, because different objectives and interests have to be taken into account and reconciled.

Key factors in the successful implementation of SWP include:

  • a plan-based approach based on factual data (analytics);
  • the development of the skills and competencies of the workforce;
  • the balancing of different interests, such as the collective company interests and the interests of individual employees;
  • the sustainable employability of the workforce. SWP makes sure the right people are put in the right place and are permanently employable.

Strategic workforce planning – the benefits

As an integrated component of your organisational strategy, SWP will ensure the efficient and effective deployment of your workforce. And a visible improvement where it really counts: your bottom line.

The benefits include:

  • lower costs;
  • higher productivity;
  • no more overqualified/underqualified personnel;
  • higher satisfaction and loyalty of both customers and employees.

In other words, SWP is an investment in the future success of your organisation.

Déhora is here to help

Although the initial SWP process is carried out as a project, strategic workforce planning will ultimately become an integrated component of your strategic and financial planning process. It is this vision of Déhora that makes the implementation of SWP so effective.