Increase productivity and flexibility with self-rostering

Thanks to self-rostering (also known as individual rostering), flexible working methods can be adopted by almost any organisation. Self-rostering has already been successfully introduced by many organisations.

self rostering

What are the benefits?

It is hardly surprising that self-rostering has been adopted by so many organisations: this type of rostering leads to a significant improvement in both flexibility and productivity. Furthermore, this innovative form of workforce planning has major benefits for both employers and employees:

  • productivity goes up 3% to 8%;
  • sickness absenteeism goes down 10% to 25%;
  • overtime hours ago down 10% to 25%;
  • employee satisfaction rises;
  • it becomes easier to attract and retain talented workers.

Tailor-made self-rostering

The introduction of a suitable form of self-rostering is a process that requires an approach that is tailor-made to suit each organisation. The implementation of this rostering method will have a significant impact on your organisation. Good preparation is therefore essential. This form of rostering is definitely not suitable for every organisation, and it also depends on a number of success factors.

A specific analysis therefore has to be carried out to identify the critical success factors within your industry or organisation. Déhora offers a complete package of services for organisations that want to explore the potential benefits of self-rostering.

What can Déhora do for you?

Déhora offers various services that can guide your organisation through the implementation of self-rostering:

  • Presentation on “How to kickstart self-rostering”: Déhora has developed a presentation that gives clear and concise information about the available options for self-rostering.
  • Déhora has also developed the Self-RosteringScan®: This is a type of feasibility study. The scan will give you a quick answer to two crucial questions: is self-rostering or individual rostering the right solution for your organisation, and what type of self-rostering or flexible working would suit your organisation best.
  • Pilot & implementation support: A practical pilot project will tell you whether self-rostering is right for your organisation. Déhora can guide you through the self-rostering process, help you with the selection and/or implementation of the software, and give you support for the culture transformation.
  • The self-rostering game: This game will give you and your employees and/or colleagues insight into how self-rostering works in practice. The game is played using the actual self-rostering software.
  • We also provide self-rostering training courses. For example the Masterclass on self-rostering.

In addition, we also supply specific workforce planning software that can be used for the introduction of self-rostering.