Rosterscan: Verifying compliance with the Working Hours Act

When an organisation is situated in the Netherlands there is one question you always have to ask: does your shift roster satisfy the legal requirements of the Dutch Working Hours Act? Especially if you are expecting a visit from the SZW Inspectorate (formally the Labour Inspectorate) and you need to improve your shift rosters. Or perhaps you want to modify the shift rosters, but are not sure if that is possible under the Working Hours Act.




Compliance software not 100% watertight

In order to prepare for audits by the SZW Inspectorate, many Dutch bounded companies often use software to make sure their shift rosters satisfy the requirements of the Working Hours Act. However, Déhora has found that in practice most software does not make sure the shift roster complies with the rules under the Working Hours Act in a 100% watertight way, so that ultimately fines are still imposed.

Déhora’s services ensure compliance with the Working Hours Act

If the Rosterscan identifies violations of the Working Hours Act or a collective labour agreement, Déhora will be glad to help you make the necessary changes to ensure compliance. We can also use our RRPA tool to evaluate your shift roster for physical and social aspects of work-related stress. For example, the length of the shifts, the predictability of the shift roster, and the physical stresses of certain work activities. The RRPA tool determines what the impact of a shift roster will be on the health of your employees.

’Rosterscan’ makes sure shift rosters will comply with Working Hours Act

With our Rosterscan, we validate the compliance of your shift rosters with the requirements of the Working Hours Act and/or collective labour agreements. Déhora has developed its own special software for this called Working Time Office® (WTO).

Déhora has verified the interpretation of the Dutch Working Hours Act in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. The SZW Inspectorate uses the same tool when it carries out its own audits. By using the Rosterscan you can therefore guarantee that you are going to pass the inspection.