The Déhora assessment service

Workforce planning and management is a complex field. Planners and managers need to have the right professional knowledge and skills. Would you like to find out if an employee or a candidate has the right competencies for the job? Or would you like to assess the career development potential of your workforce planners or managers?

Déhora’s NIP psychologists are experts in workforce planning and management

Our assessment service is an ideal way of answering these questions. Déhora’s NIP psychologists are experts in workforce planning and management and have a wealth of experience in the field of assessments. They analyse the competencies of the candidate and use various tests to measure the level of the candidate in each knowledge area.

After the assessment a organisation will get:

  • a detailed overview of the qualities and the development needs of the candidate, with a description of each competency;
  • a personality profile and an analysis of what motivates and drives the candidate;
  • where relevant, advice about the suitability of the candidate for a particular job.

Duo workshop - Capacity planning in healthcare

Assessment of workforce planners

Déhora has used its years of experience to design an assessment service specifically for workforce planners. The assessment consists of a set competency tests, a personality test, a learning agility test, the modern in-tray exercise, a knowledge test, and a shift roster exercise. We also take an in-depth look at the required competences during an interview with the planner.

The standard competencies of a planner are:

  • good communication skills;
  • good at working with others;
  • shows initiative;
  • good problem-solving abilities.

Assessment of managers

Organisations often have very specific requirements for managers who are responsible for workforce planning. Déhora can provide you with a tailor-made assessment package to suit the specific needs and objectives of your company. The assessment will result in a set of measurable values that will be explained to you in a report. This report will make it easier for you to decide what action to take next.