Roto Smeets Group
Innovative shift roster design at Roto Smeets Group

Roto Smeets wanted the managers throughout the organisation, to learn how to optimise the shift roster design and still be in compliance with the rules and regulations under the law and the collective labour agreement. Roto Smeets therefore asked Déhora to facilitate a workshop.

Succes cleaning
Better results because of workforce planning training

The demand for improved efficiency and the tightening up of the audits carried out by the SZW Inspectorate (formally the Labour Inspectorate) means planners also have to be better qualified. So SUCCES knew it had to improve its planning so it asked Déhora for help.

Planners course delivers strategic insight
Planning course delivers strategic insights into workforce planning and management activities

Obviously you need to have a good work roster. But how do you know how good it really is? A good planner not only has to design good shift rosters, but also understand how to use them strategically.

Best practice - Higher productivity and less chaos with self-rostering
Better alignment between staffing level and workload because of self-rostering

Balancing the workload and the preferences of employees is a difficult task for any workforce planner. In addition at NedTrain, there were also considerable peaks and troughs in the workload. NedTrain wanted to achieve a better alignment between the staffing level and the actual workload so that is why they introduced self-rostering.

Best Practice Sanquin - Enhanced employability thanks to self-rostering
Enhanced employability thanks to self-rostering

Employees who are able to set their own work times are less likely to suffer from work-related stress. But how do you create this flexibility if employees are scheduled to work specific shift rosters? Sanquin was able to solve this problem by making it possible for employees to plan their own shifts with the help of Déhora.

Best practice FloraHolland - Flexibility: both a strength and weakness of FloraHolland
Flexibility: both a strength as well as a weakness for FloraHolland

The FloraHolland flower auction plays a pivotal role within the international ornamental plant sector: as a matchmaker, as an intermediary, and as a knowledge centre. The logistical processes of FloraHolland are very dynamic in nature, and it is an enormous challenge to make sure the right people are working in the right place at the right time, 24 hours a day.