Beyond the Covid-19 crisis – Accelerate your recovery

In these times of uncertainty, Dehora plans the future with you. Together we will improve the agility and scalability of your organization and with that you gain a stronger grip on your results. In the recovery phase after the Covid crisis, workforce planning is key to a successful, sustainable business continuity. In this theme file, we publish weekly thought pieces from our field of expertise, workforce planning, to help and inspire you in navigating the “new normal”. Inspiring thought pieces about the role of workforce management and planning in the recovery of your business beyond the Covid-19 crisis.

Our latest news

Towards a sustainable and flexible organization

Organizations, society and the economy will require strong resilience to recover after the Covid-19 crisis. There is a lot of…

How Self-Rostering can help organizations plan a safe return to work

All around the globe governments are easing restrictions, gradually lifting lockdowns and allowing businesses to resume operations at regulated capacity.…