Your all-in-one solution for workforce management and scheduling

Planpoint™ is an all-in-one, scalable cloud solution for your workforce planning and scheduling. Planpoint excels in user experience and is built to fit your specific scheduling demands. Manage your workforce, schedule your shifts, employees, tasks, orders and clients without care.

Planpoint™ software

Planpoint is a 360° software cloud solution, which supports your organization in all possible aspects of workforce management. Combine smart employee scheduling with supporting solutions such as employee management, capacity planning, client dossiers, time and attendance and more.

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Scheduling made smart again

Workforce planning should not be a hassle. With Planpoint you have the perfect tool to simplify your workforce planning, and everything that comes with it, regardless of your sector, method of scheduling of the complexity of your organization. Planpoint by Déhora is built to meet your demands and dreams with regards to workforce management and rostering. Planpoint is without a doubt the most complete and versatile software for workforce management on the market. Suitable for both large and small(er) organizations and tailor made to fit your needs.

Powerful through integration

In our honest opinion, your WFM solution should be able to seamlessly interact and connect with any other system. Such as your financial software for accountancy, payroll or invoicing. Of your software and physical terminals for time and attendance. We find it important that you can choose the most optimal solution for your workforce management, without any compromise on efficiency and ease of use of other backoffice solutions. Therefore, we connect easily with your current and your future backoffice tools. Planpoint fits perfectly in your HRIS infrastructure.

By planners, for planners

Our biggest asset? Planpoint is built on more than 35 years of experience in the craft of workforce management. Made by and for professionals that seek to get the best out of time and scheduling. Create perfect employee schedules in no time thanks to smart (and nique) functionalities for both planners and managers. Enjoy the finest and most optimal staffing, day after day.

Future proof

Planpoint is a cloud based software, built upon a mobile first mindset. Your planners, dispatchers and employees will always have the latest information available, from any location. Verify your own schedule? Check! Submit request? Check!. Planpoint grows with your organization and any technical developments. Besides, thanks to our SaaS setup all or clients profit from updates and new features. Major win-win.

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Benefits PlanPoint

  • Reduction of staff turnover
  • Workplace absenteeism
  • Operational excellence
  • Financial
  • Happy employees
  • Clients (care) and customers

For different scheduling methods

Your planning, your rosters! In Planpoint it is possible to create simple schedules, as well as complex shift rosters. Or how about empowering your employees by enabling them to manage their own schedule. Yes we can. Planpoint is more than suitable for different scheduling methods.

Base schedules

Wish shedules


Individual Cyclic schedules

Collective Cyclic schedules

Fix / Flex schedule