Towards a sustainable and flexible organization

Organizations, society and the economy will require strong resilience to recover after the Covid-19 crisis. There is a lot of discussion about the “new normal” post Covid-19. It is not immediately clear how or what this “new normal” will look like and what organizations need to do during and after the crisis.

Build your organization’s resilience with workforce management and planning

 If anything’s become clear in the past few months, it’s the increasing importance of operating an agile and scalable organization. The ability to adjust and adapt to changing workforce requirements requires a robust commitment to effective workforce planning. The importance of an effective planning process and competent planners in an organization has become even more evident during the pandemic. Gaps and shortcomings in workforce planning processes, methods and policies were exposed and brought to the fore.

Gaining a stronger grip on your organization’s results is largely impacted by effective workforce planning. The pandemic has highlighted this insight. The “new normal” requires organizations to have the capacity to flexibly deploy their workforce in order to remain flexible and scalable. A sustainable and flexible organization will have the capacity to grow, and the capacity to deal with another crisis, should it occur. But how do you achieve that kind of sustainable flexibility?


In these uncertain times, we plan the future together

 With more than 32 years of experience in helping organizations optimize their planning processes and human resource allocation, we can assist you with your workforce management and planning. Our consultants offer you a free meeting with an expert. They will discuss with you your business strategy, workforce planning process, your planning issues during and post the Covid-19 crisis and subsequently explore how Dehora can add value to your organization.

As a possible follow-up, we help you analyze different scenarios and their impact on workforce requirements to predict changes in workload and ensure optimal workforce utilization. When analyzing scenarios and developing workforce strategies, we consider not only business results but also the impact of workload and schedules on the long-term health of your workforce. You will increase control over your coverage levels ensuring optimal quantity of staff and workload distribution. Our expertise, proven tools and methodologies in strategic workforce management, capacity planning and health risk management facilitate your decision making with a high degree of confidence. Results are tangible: you notice higher control over the utilization of permanent and flexible staff. Optimization of your workforce management and planning is therefore in the right hands with our specialists. We conduct research on your workforce, calculate various workforce planning scenarios, implement planning software, train your workforce planners, supply you with trained planners if needed, and help you design rosters and schedules.

Even after the Post Covid-19 period, our expertise allows you to maintain a grip on your workforce planning and subsequently your results, we prepare you for future challenges and ensure you operate a flexible, scalable and healthy workforce.

To find out more about how Dehora can help in these uncertain times:

Follow our online theme series: Recovery after Corona in the coming weeks. Thought pieces and contributions from our specialists will not only inspire you, but also give you applicable and practical tips on optimizing your workforce planning.